Monday, November 8, 2010

Relic Hunters: Gunmages and Glyph Rounds

Glyph Round: a magical bullet that unleashes a spell when it strikes.  Anything from a ball of flames to a summoned creature can emerge.

The gunmage represents perhaps the one innovation in magic that has occurred since the shattering of the Rod of Judgement.  By combining magic with the new technology of black powder, the gunmage is able to launch a devastating array of long-distance, deadly accurate spells.

Casting a glyph round works much like any other controlled magic in the world of Relic Hunters.  A physical form is prepared to channel the raw energies of creation (in this case, a bullet).  After it is infused, the act of firing the bullet will release those energies.  As might be imagined, the gunmage's arts are not based in subtlety or healing.

Arcane Background (Gunmage)
Arcane Skill: Glyphcasting (but see below)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3
Spell List: barrier, blast, bolt, burst, dispel, entangle, fear, smite, stun. If you are using the Fantasy Companion, add banish, blind, drain power points, havoc, jet, pummel, slumber, and summon ally.

Gunmages have learned the practice of creating glyph rounds, spells bound to the leaden ammunition of their chosen weapon that are triggered when the round is fired.  Gunmages are regarded with a sort of superstitious awe.  Sometimes this makes them a target for gunslingers eager to prove that magic "ain't as good as all that."

To create a glyph round, the gunmage needs a set of arcane tools, a bullet casting kit, and a fire.  Investing a glyph round takes one hour per rank of the spell to be placed in it.  At the end of the hour, the gunmage makes his Glyphcasting roll, and the power points for casting the spell are spent.  These points will not be recovered until the round is fired, at which point they begin returning to the caster at the usual rate.

To use the round, it must be loaded into a gun and fired, using the gunmage's Shooting roll to determine accuracy.  Area effect spells should use the normal rules (Explorers Edition p.65) to determine the center of effect if the shot misses.  The bullet itself is consumed by the release of the magic and does no damage to the target.

Range: Any spell with a Range using a stat or range brackets instead uses the ranges of the weapon firing the glyph round. Cone and line template spells still begin at the caster.

Misfire: When a gunmage rolls a 1 on his Shooting roll, the glyph round misfires, arcanely jamming the weapon used to fire it.  While it can be used as a normal gun, any glyph rounds fired through it will fail.  Repairing the weapon will take a Glyphcasting roll and 2d6 hours.

Smite glyph rounds: Gunmages who learn the smite spell can craft enchanted bullets. These rounds are an exception to the rule that glyph rounds do no damage - they do normal damage for the weapon plus the extra from the spell.  The casting cost is for a full load of smite rounds (20 bullets), but if they are mixed in with other glyph round types when the gun is loaded, the used Power Points are returned to the gunmage proportionally as they are used.

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